Your clothes are the first thing people notice. Did you know, the dress you wear introduces itself to others about who you are? So, caring for your dresses properly is very important. It doesn’t matter if your wardrobe is secondhand chic, high fashion, or discount store clearance rack; treat your clothes with the best laundry services in Burien.

Top Two Reasons

  • Receive The Highest Quality Work
  • Save More Time

Quality Work

  • With the help of Martini Cleaners for your laundry services, you can get your clothes stain-free and clean.
  • We use the most appropriate processes and tricks to ensure the safest treatment of your garments and fabrics.
  • Our professionals identify and scientifically remove stains with most professional methods, which require a trained eye, a careful hand and the best technique for each individual job to return your clothes to you in a pristine condition.
  • Also, we will treat your garments with water repellent.

Save your Valuable Time

Laundry services not only remove any types of stains but also save you lots of valuable time. If you’re a busy person, who already has little time to spend with your family and friends, it makes sense to look into dry cleaners in Burien for your launder work instead of struggling with them yourself. Then you don’t have to spend time on it and you can enjoy the extra time with your loved ones.

Additional Benefits of Choosing Right Dry Cleaners

  • They care for your seasonal costumes, such as Santa Suits, Easter Bunny, or Halloween costumes.
  • They also clean outdoor umbrellas and furniture cushions.
  • They get rid of all types of stains, such as dirt, grass, ink or paint, oil and grease, blood, food stains, cosmetics and pet stains by advanced stain removing methods.
  • The wedding reception can leave a variety of stains, including food, wine, makeup, dirt and more. They clean your wedding dress and restore it to the original condition by ensuring that the beading and decorations are safe.
  • They also alter your all type of garments, as you wish.




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