Dry Cleaning Clothes

When sorting laundry to send to our dry cleaning company in Burien, it’s critical to inspect each tag or label for proper care instructions. Even if certain clothes can be laundered at home, there are stains that require the skill and solvents of a professional dry cleaner to remove. So, taking clothes to a dry cleaner or a professional launderer involves more than simply dropping a crumpled load of garments on the counter. You must consider certain steps to prepare clothes for dry cleaning to ensure that your clothing is property laundered.

  • Before sending your clothes to dry cleaning or professional laundering, make sure to empty pockets. Remove change, trash and other items that can cause damage to your clothing when dry cleaned, such as chewing gum, candy, lip gloss or other types of makeup, and more.
  • Use masking tape or a safety pin to mark the area of concern if you have stained or soiled items. This allows dry cleaner to point out the areas of problem in your clothes easily.
  • Let your laundered know the source of the stain. By doing so, you can help the dry cleaner to choose the right type of solvent and remove the stain more effectively.
  • Tell your dry cleaner or professional launderer about the concerns you’ve seen; including missing buttons, loose threads or mending needs.

Also, check whether the dry cleaner you choose offers special services such as dry cleaning of difficult-to-clean items such as comforters, leather clothing, rugs, wedding gowns and the like, alterations and repairs, and more. Doing a little preparation work help you to find the best service and get the most out of it!



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