Is Dry Cleaning a Better Option for Household Bedding Items?

Are you a person who ensures that your home environment is always clean and attractive? Do you regularly run your bedding items through the washing machine to keep them clean and remove dust mites? Then, you must read this! Yes, there are evidences stating that dry cleaning is a better option to clean your quilts, comforters, and blankets. So, here we’ve listed a few reasons to choose Burien dry cleaners to clean your blankets and comforters.

It Gives Your Bedding a Better Look

Your bedding keeps you warm while you sleep, and it also keeps your home décor look neat and attractive. When you put it through your washing machine, it weakens the fiber, which leads to rips, tears, holes, and even fading. The spin cycle stretches the fabric and gives an uneven look. But, when you choose a dry cleaning company in Burien WA, it stays and looks new longer than its machine washed counterpart. Moreover, comforters and quilt contain materials such as velvet, satin, and silk. They should not be washed in water as it damages the material and affects the appearance of the quilt or comforters.

Keeps them Clean

When you choose Burien dry cleaners to clean the bedding items, they will use advanced washing techniques that clean the fabric down to the fiber level and removes all dirt, dust, and other stains from it. Washing machines remove only the surface dirt, and most of the time, these items are too bulky for a rinse cycle to perform the right job.

Protect Your Home Appliances

As stated earlier, bedding items such as quilt and blankets are too heavy for laundry appliances to handle, and even a single wash can cause severe damage to them. So, if you want to save your home appliances from wear and tear.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t rush to put your bedding items through the washing machine to get them cleaned. Hire the right Burien laundry services and dry cleaners to get them in shape and clean. Visit to know more about laundry stain removal services in Burien.

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