Just imagine, you are out to dinner and while serving you the waitress mistakenly drops a sauce-covered fork on your favorite white dress. Or, you are playing in the lane and realize your pants are covered with grass stains. Have you experienced any such things and now thinking of how to get rid of these stains? Relax! You are in the right path.

We spend a bunch of time in washing and maintaining our favorite cloths. But in some cases, you can’t remove the stains such as grass, wine, lipstick and more, no matter how hard you try. To get rid of such stains from your clothes, follow the tips given in this blog by one of the famous laundry stain removal services provider. How to Remove Stains on White Clothes

Method 1: Detergent

Use some detergent recommended by the experts of cloth stain removal in Burien and apply it over the stained area with small amount of liquid. Leave it for five to ten minutes. After sometime, rinse it pretty well before you wash your cloths normally.

Method 2: White Vinegar

You can use white vinegar to get rid of those blood and other yellow stains out of white shirts. Before placing the stain cloths in the washing machine, pour a bit of vinegar on the stained area and soak it for more than 10 minutes. Then rub the cloths well and put it for wash. If necessary, follow the procedure again.

Method 3: Ammonia

If you can’t get those yellow stains out of your cloths, try ammonia. Before washing, apply the stained area with a half-strength solution of ammonia and water and rub it well. By this method you can get rid of all types of blood, sweat stains, or even urine stains on your white clothes.


These are the top 3 methods to get rid of the stains, but to get rid of the stains in a single wash without fading your cloths, contact a professional laundry dirt removal service provider. These professionals can remove even the worst stains without damaging your garment and ensure that your needs are met at the highest standards.


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