Stain Removal

Summer heat and sweat always go hand in hand! With the heat of summer comes the challenge of keeping the underarms of your shirts dry, clean, and the same color as the rest of the shirt. Our sweat contains a compound called urea, which causes yellow stains when it sets in clothing. Sometimes, thorough washing is enough to remove these stains, but sweat is very selective about the material it sinks into. Dry cleaners will help you remove the stains if your garment is dry-cleaning only. They always have the special touch that can do wonders to your important garments.

How Dry Cleaning Helps?

If you are about to try any DIY to tackle the removal of sweat from suits, dress pants, and all sorts of other items, remember, it’s all too easy to damage the apparel further. So, if your garment is made of delicate materials such as silk or wool and labeled dry cleaning, it must be treated by dry clean only. It is far better than any home remedies or machine washing.

While dropping off your clothes at a dry cleaning company, make sure to point out the stain to the technician so that they can pay special attention when removing the stain.

Preventative Measure

Delaying cleaning can often exacerbate stains, but excessive dry cleaning can also damage your garment. To make sure your clothes remain in good condition here are a few preventative measures to combat sweat stains on your clothes.

  • Inhibit dampness using antiperspirant deodorants.
  • Let your skin dry completely before applying deodorant and then allow your deodorant to completely dry before putting on your clothes.
  • Use sweat guard pads to prevent staining. These sweat guards are specially made to adhere to the interior of your clothing and absorb extra moisture. This prevents sweat stains from your work shirts, jackets, and more.
  • You can also wear sweat-proof undershirts to avoid stains.
  • Clean cloths soon after wearing them.

Get expert cleaning advice if you have any doubt on how to treat stains, discoloration, or damage to a favorite piece of cloth.

The Bottom Line:

Get your garments dry-cleaned/laundered regularly, and do not let it continue to build up stains to the point that the garment is not restorable.


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