Dry Cleaning winter Coat

As winter rages on, you’re likely bundling up to stay nice and warm. Your winter coat might take on stains and odors with so much exposure to the elements. These warm, thick coats require care and they need to be cleaned. If you aren’t washing your coats, ever, dirt and grime builds up, creating a dingy appearance that will, over time, ruin the look of the coat. These coats can be best left to the dry cleaners in Burien or choose a professional launderer instead of dumping large loads into a washer or dryer. There is no one cleaning method that can be applied to all coats but check the care tag for instructions.

Here are some good reasons why you should consider dry cleaning for your winter coats.

No Water Damage

Unlike other cleaning methods, dry cleaning uses organic solvents as a replacement to water for washing. Hence, wool, fur and any other fabric that can be ruined with excess water will stay safe. Moreover, the organic solvents used in the dry cleaning process causes no damage to sensitive material in your coat.

Preserve Embellishments

Lost buttons, torn laces or spoiled fur are our biggest worry when it comes to washing clothes. With dry cleaning, your embellishments stay intact since there is no rough water rinse and clean process. But, there is still some risk for antique lace, certain buttons, pearls, etc. A good dry cleaner in Burien will caution the customer in this regard.

Increase Durability

Did you know cleaning your winter coats at home can ruin the fibers without you even noticing it at times? With excess water, wool fibers swell and stretch, and even detergents can hide in the thick fibers that cause damage over time. As a professional dry cleaning company in Burien , we understand the chemicals that will not damage your coats. This makes your coats stay in better condition longer.


Since winter coats are heavy and often expensive, the coat’s condition can deteriorate if you are cleaning them at home. This requires more time in the long run and money spent on water, detergent, electricity and more. But, dry cleaning is more affordable and can have your coat cleaned, smelling fresh, and looking as sharp as a new coat without putting any extra effort!


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