How to fix the Common Wedding Dress Stains

A perfect wedding dress is every girl’s dream and in fact, the most treasured one in her life. You have invested so much of your heart, time, and money in your wedding dress.  Your wedding outfit goes through a lot right from the ceremony and photos to dinner and dancing.

A stain on a beautiful wedding dress is a bride’s worst nightmare. But, if you happen to find yourself in such a situation, calm down; it’s going to be ok. Here is your guide from the emergency wedding dress stain removal Burien experts to fight the tough stains:-

Know your dress

Take deep breathes. Most of the pictures are taken, and everyone has seen how beautiful you are. Assess the situation and know your dress first. There must be a care label in your wedding gown. If there is any stain on artificial fiber, it is easier to get rid of it than the stains on a natural fiber as they are hollow and absorb the spill quickly. Get help from the cloth stain removal Burien professionals to remove the spill from your outfit.

Remove the excess

Blot the stain with a clean cloth or napkin to remove excess debris from the dress. However, do not rub the garment as the stain will set in even more. Use a small amount of water or club soda on the cloth and then blot by pressing the cloth on the spill until the cloth absorbs it.

Be it makeup stain or stain from red wine, oil, coffee, and mud stain, first gently dab at the stain with a clean cloth instead of rubbing. Keep dabbing with clean parts of the cloth until it seems like most of the stain has come out. You could use talcum powder to disguise anything that doesn’t come out.

If it is oil-based stain, try mixing a solution of 1 part dish soap + 1 part white vinegar to remove the stains. However, it is best to call in professional dry cleaners Burien WA to remove oil-based stains from your gown for best results.

Dry it

Try to dry the stain using a hairdryer in a circular motion from the outside of the stain to the center part.


Before you attempt to remove the stain, try to test the solution you are using on a cloth to ensure the fabric is not damaged. If there are no damages or color changes in the fabric, you may proceed.

Although these solutions are recommended, it is advisable to contact the wedding dress dry cleaning professionals if you want the dress to last forever. Whether you want your future daughter or sister to wear it or just want to save it for your sake, your gown needs to be cleaned and preserved by professional dry cleaners Burien WA.


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