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Laundry is the most time-consuming aspect of your life, and by choosing a professional laundry service, you can permanently remove the chore of laundering from your to-do list.  It’s a great way to have your everyday laundry done! If you find a reliable laundry service, you can be can be sure that the service they offer is prompt and convenient. So, here is a whittled list of things to consider while choosing a professional laundry service.

Quick Turnaround Time

The turnaround time for laundering is one or two business days. Some companies also offer same day rush service upon request. The turnaround time may vary depending on the fabric of your cloth. Delicate fabrics are hand washed, and then allowed to hang dry to ensure the garment is treated with the utmost care. Comforters that need extra dry time may take more than two days to be delivered.

Damage Policy

While choosing a laundry service provider, make sure to find someone who offers a damaged or lost item policy and know what your recourse is if your laundry is lost, damaged, or simply not cared for properly.


Typically, laundry services charge by the piece. The cost may also depend on the business and correlates to the quality of the work. Choose a company with a good reputation that is close to the average price point for your region.


When you wash your laundry by yourself, you’ll typically have the same scent and level of quality. While a professional service will have different scents because of different laundry products, etc, they should be very consistent. Consistency is the key and do check online reviews on Google to read about the service and decide on whether you should continue your due diligence or not.

Special Requirements

Before enlisting the help of a professional laundry service, talk with the service provider about any special needs you have. For example, you can suggest hypoallergenic detergent if you are allergic to a detergent with high chemical content. They will charge an additional cost for this, and you must consider all these factors to make your final decision.


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