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Laundry isn’t an easy task! Some clothes require additional care, and you have to double-check the manufacturer’s label before throwing them into the washing machine to avoid any damages to your clothes. Without proper attention and care, a new and expensive dress gets completely ragged in a single wash. That’s why many people send their wedding dress for dry cleaning in Burien to protect it from any damages caused by laundering and preserve it for a long time.

Clothes That You Shouldn’t Wash At Home

Synthetic Fabrics

Even if the tags on your synthetic fabrics say ‘machine-wash friendly,’ you must keep them away from the washing machine. Machine wash loosens the fibers of the synthetic fabric and causes the embroidery to fall off (if any). Moreover, these clothes should be washed with a little water and detergent, and only a professional can do this for you.


The uniqueness of a silk gown is its elegant fall and glass-like smoothness. The rough cleaning cycle of the machine wash can damage these properties of your silk gown, and you couldn’t wear it again. Since silk is an extremely delicate material, it must be sent for a dry cleaning service or hand-washed with a little detergent.


When you hire laundry services in Burien for washing your suits, it stays in shape and fits you perfectly.  The fabric cannot withstand the rough spinning cycles, and as a result, your expensive branded suit can turn into a lump of cloth bought from the thrift store.

Leather Jackets

Leather jackets never go out of fashion but require a lot of care to keep it hydrated and glossy. If you prefer washing your leather jackets in a machine frequently, it will become dull, cracked, and wrinkly. But, getting a professional cloth stain removal in Burien WA makes sure that your leather apparel maintains its luster and shape for a long time.

The Bottom Line

While machine washing seems simple and an easy task, you must keep clothing items made from the above fabric out of your washing machine to protect them from any damages. Hire a laundry service to get the job done right.

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